Temporary Residency-Paraguay

Dear clients/friends. As you might have learned Paraguay has a new Migrations law since October 2022 and it is good news as the process has been simplified for applicants from all over the world! Me and my team are offering the usual outstanding, fast and efficient service for all of our clients.

The requirements are how follow:

  1. Criminal background check certificate (either legalized or Apostilled)
  2. Birth Certificate (either legalized or Apostilled)
  3. Marriage Certificate (either legalized or Apostilled)
  4. Divorce Sentence (either legalized or Apostilled)
  5. Valid Passport
  6. Tourist Visa (except for MERCOSUR countries)
    This Visa can be bought upon arrival at the airport for citizens from: United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For all the other countries you can either apply at a Paraguay consulate in your country of origin or we will drive you to Argentina, prepare all the paperwork and assist you at an extra cost.

Once here in Paraguay:

  1. We will be waiting for you at the airport to drive you to your booked accommodation
  2. We will drive you to all government offices to process the local required documents
  3. We will process other documents in an efficient and timely manner
  4. We will translate all documents for you beforehand
  5. We’ll get in line and make appointments beforehand so these visits are brief and you can go back to enjoy and get to know Asunción!
  6. Your time is one of our highest priority! we will do everything we can to make the process as smooth and fast as possible.
  7. Once the Temporary Residency Application is submitted, we guarantee approval between 14-20 days. However, at the moment of submitting this residency you’re granted a Precarious Residency (valid for 3 months). We process the cedula once the Temporary Residency is approved/issued and this can take up to 2 weeks.

We also have the option of Driver’s License on the first visit! Send us a message and let’s start planning your next step on diversification in Paraguay!
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