Permanent Residency in Paraguay

I started offering this service since summer 2014, when a client from the US asked me to come with him to migrations and assist him as an interpreter to complete the cédula (ID card) process. I always felt a bit intimidated by the PR application service, as the list of documents and requirements seemed long and complicated. However, I decided to assist Andrew and give PR a shot.

We went the following morning to migrations to ‘retrieve’ his documents, as his previous service provider had told him that his application was approved. We soon learned that his process hasn’t even started yet because they claimed some documents were either missing or lacking. I felt the need to try and solve the case at that moment, so I asked them to see his application files, and after a few minutes of waiting they let us see the pile of documents. All documents were there. We demanded results ASAP more so because he submitted said application almost a year prior. Back then, Migrations was very efficient and the most time a case would take was 6 months. Andrew and I sorted everything out before he left, and after 2 weeks I had my first PR case approved. 

From that moment on I’ve been honored to assist clients from many countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Greece, Holland, Portugal, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, France, UAE, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. I have handled over 100 cases for Permanent Residency, and although quite a few of them proved to be a challenge, we are proud to have a record of 100% success rate on all of our cases. 

The way we handle these cases is how follows:

  1. Client makes the first contact requesting information and costs.
  2. We respond with that information plus a step by step explanation of the process.
  3. Client confirms hiring us for assistance.
  4. We run every detail, documents, legalisation and/or Apostille making sure all documents are ready to start the process before Migrations Directorate. 
  5. Once the client is in Paraguay, we complete the paperwork and request of PR within 2-4 days. 
  6. We provide weekly updates on the cases, until the PR request is approved. 

We have many testimonials about our client’s experience hiring with us for this important step. If you are interested on this service or need more information contact us

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