Guardian Angel in Paraguay

Lorena is my guardian angel in Paraguay. When I arrived, I knew little
about Asuncion or life in Paraguay. And I’d probably be overestimating
my abilities if I said my Spanish was conversational. Still, I thought
I would just figure everything out on my own. Boy was I wrong! I
didn’t realize it before I met her, but I would have been lost without

She took me under her wing and protected me from all the mistakes I
would have made. She helped me open a bank account and get a cell
phone. When I said I wanted to find a short-term furnished apartment,
people told me I was crazy and that I’d never find one. Not Lorena.
She not only helped me find an apartment in one day – on the 19th
floor with spectacular views of downtown Asuncion and the Paraguay
River – but she also helped me by translating the lease so I could
understand what I was agreeing to before I signed.

She has introduced me to people both professionally and socially and
helped me learn my way around the city whether it’s finding a place to
eat or buy groceries or anything else. Thanks to Lorena I also know
how to get around the city by bus so I save a lot of money on cab fare.

And on top of all that she has an easy-going, fun-loving personality.
It’s hard to picture her in my mind without a smile. So if you’re new
to Paraguay and need some help finding your way around, there’s no
point in struggling trying to figure it all out alone. Contact Lorena.
She’ll eliminate the headaches and hassles and make your stay so much

– Augosto

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