Courteous and Friendly yet Firm

I met Lorena in 2016 when I traveled to Paraguay for 2 weeks to apply for residency.
She has had a great deal of experience in helping people through the process. She is competitively priced but always provides a great service. She was amazing in helping me. Within very tight time frames she was able to help me find a place to rent, get a cell phone service and bank account before I had even completed my residency. When I returned to Paraguay to live I obtained my residency after the estimated three months wait.

I have worked with Lorena since meeting her in 2016. During that time she helped me complete a contract on a house in Asuncion and was able to refer me to a good contractor She liaised with all the renovations as I am not fluent in Spanish. She dealt with many issues concerning third party contractors. She has managed my home and affairs in PY for the past four years as I am often travelling. Over the years we have known her we have been introduced to many of her clients. She enjoys facilitating friendships along with providing a great service .

She has always provided a high level of service and is very honest in her estimates of time frames. I have enjoyed watching her approach to the people she works with. She is extremely courteous and friendly yet firm. She follows up on any issues promptly.

– Michelle

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