Save You Time, Money, and Nerves

I’ve been working with Lorena for about a year so far and I had an only positive experience. Lorena helped me and my wife with a permanent residency, driver license, bank account, and buying a car. It is hard to imagine how much time I would have spent trying to do this without her help. Therefore, I definitely recommend Lorena, she will save you time, money, and nerves. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

– Stan

Guardian Angel in Paraguay

Lorena is my guardian angel in Paraguay. When I arrived, I knew little
about Asuncion or life in Paraguay. And I’d probably be overestimating
my abilities if I said my Spanish was conversational. Still, I thought
I would just figure everything out on my own. Boy was I wrong! I
didn’t realize it before I met her, but I would have been lost without

She took me under her wing and protected me from all the mistakes I
would have made. She helped me open a bank account and get a cell
phone. When I said I wanted to find a short-term furnished apartment,
people told me I was crazy and that I’d never find one. Not Lorena.
She not only helped me find an apartment in one day – on the 19th
floor with spectacular views of downtown Asuncion and the Paraguay
River – but she also helped me by translating the lease so I could
understand what I was agreeing to before I signed.

She has introduced me to people both professionally and socially and
helped me learn my way around the city whether it’s finding a place to
eat or buy groceries or anything else. Thanks to Lorena I also know
how to get around the city by bus so I save a lot of money on cab fare.

And on top of all that she has an easy-going, fun-loving personality.
It’s hard to picture her in my mind without a smile. So if you’re new
to Paraguay and need some help finding your way around, there’s no
point in struggling trying to figure it all out alone. Contact Lorena.
She’ll eliminate the headaches and hassles and make your stay so much

– Augosto

Lorena is Extremely Well-Connected

I felt really nervous when I first started working with Lorena almost 2 years ago — it was my first time ever working with an offshore service provider, and I didn’t know what to expect. But those feelings were quickly cast aside when Lorena delivered results — and fast. Lorena is efficient, knowledgeable and extremely well-connected. She knows exactly how Paraguay works, and she used that knowledge to help me with all kinds of projects: renting a house, opening a bank account, getting a driver’s license, purchasing real estate, Spanish translation and more. Now when I need to get things done in Paraguay, I talk to Lorena. And only to Lorena. There’s nobody else I trust more than her.

– Phoenix

Swiss Army Knife of Asunción

I met Lorena entirely by accident. I was sitting on the patio of a restaurant in Asunción having lunch with a friend when she walked by with one of her clients. My friend happened to know her client and called him over. They chatted for a bit and I briefly met both of them. Later that night we all went to the same bar, and I got a chance to talk to both Lorena and her client. Her client couldn’t say enough good things about her. Lorena was very friendly and easy to talk to. I had a free day in the city and she offered to give me a tour of it.

It’s been a little over a year since that time, and now, whenever I am in Asunción, I find that I can’t do without her. If you need a taxi, she has reliable friends that she can have pick you up in minutes. If you want to take a look at land or property, she will hook you up with a real estate agent that can show you around. If you need to open a bank account, get a SIM card for your phone, or just find a better place to stay, she can help you get those things done and even accompany you if you need a translator.

Lorena knows how to find good, resourceful people and make them her friends. She is like the Social Swiss Army Knife of Asunción. Almost everyone I know in Paraguay I’ve met through Lorena, and I’ve enjoyed the company of every single one of them. If you are new to Asunción then call Lorena. You will not be disappointed.

I still eat at that same restaurant on that same patio every time I’m in Asunción, but at this point I’m pretty sure there’s only one Lorena 🙂

– Ben